Career Opportunities

Full Time Basic Police Officers

Thank you for your interest in the Vineland Police Department. There are several options available when considering a career in law enforcement.

To become a full time basic police officer in Vineland you must take a competitive civil service examination which is administered by the NJ Civil Service Commission. For more information visit

Some police departments are not part of the civil service system and their hiring is based on separate testing and selection processes. You should contact each department separately to determine what is required.

For more information regarding hiring of full time basic Police Officers in Vineland, please contact the City of Vineland Personnel office at 856-794-4000 x4134.

The Vineland Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Special Law Enforcement Officers Class II (SLEO II)

The City of Vineland Police Department is currently seeking applicants for the position of part time Special Law Enforcement Officer Class II (SLEO II). Applicants must possess a valid New Jersey SLEO II Certification to be considered for employmentClick here for the list of SLEO II Qualifications.

To become certified as a Special Law Enforcement Officer Class II (SLEO II) you must be hired by a police department and sponsored by that agency to attend the SLEO II academy. After completion of the academy you will be certified as a SLEO II in New Jersey. Throughout the year many agencies, especial shore communities, hire uncertified individuals and sponsor them in the academy. If interested, you should contact each department to inquire about their individual hiring practices.

All this time, the Vineland Police Department is only accepting resumes from certified SLEO II Officers.

For more information regarding qualification of SLEO officers, or vacant positions, please contact the City of Vineland Personnel office at 856-794-4000 x4134.

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