The Communications Section of the Services Division manages all aspects of our department’s infrastructure and technology, maintains the City-wide 800 MhZ radio system, coordinates Fleet Management with the City Public Works, and compiles and distributes crime statistics as needed.

The Communications Section leverages technology, in the most efficient way possible, for the entire department.  For almost twenty years now, all of the department’s patrol units have been equipped with mobile data computers in their vehicles. These computers provide officers in the field with vital and often lifesaving information. Officers have the capability to determine if a vehicle and/or persons may be wanted for various crimes throughout the nation. Additionally, officers can link to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission computers and determine the status of driver’s licenses and registrations. All of these requests are returned to the patrol car in seconds.

The most recent technology project was the deployment of over 100 body worn cameras for Patrol Division personnel.  These cameras, from Axon, provide officers a mechanism to records calls-for-service.  More information is available here.

Technology is a part of every aspect of law enforcement today and the Communications Section works to ensure the integrity, security, and maintenance of these systems. For more information, please contact:

Unit Supervisor
Sgt. Christopher Fulcher


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